Week Two – The Chorizo Kid

Bouyed by my loss from the first week I started the second week in a better mood.

We had meant to go to the market the previous week but decided that we ought to avoid it until we were a little more settled on the diet.

We have been shopping at Borough Market for the last four years and we have our own little routine. Breakfast is Grilled Leon Chorizo with Eggs and Potatoes, café con leche and a fresh orange juice at Tapas Brindisa. It is truly the best breakfast in the world. It is also very naughty.

After agonising for minutes we decided that not having the occasional treat would only make us pig out when we reached our target weight with all the things we have forbidden ourselves. So Debbie had the omelette with a coffee and I had the Chorizo and a tea. It was almost as good as the usual. I missed the orange juice but apparently orange juice is as bad as stamping on kittens.

Next stop was for parmesan. We normally use a lot of parmesan and I felt guilty asking for less than half then what would normally have. Luckily neither Elliott or Alison were there so we didn’t have to see their hearts break at the paucity of our purchase.

Wallace and Co’s stall had some lovely wild garlic and asparagus so we bought loads of that to have with some veal from the Ginger Pig. We used to have some chicken liver and truffle parfait in a Tortano Roll for lunch but we decided to be good and bought some pigeon breast from Furness Fish and Game. With a little mixed salad it did very nicely.

During the week I made soups for lunches most days as I had read that it keeps you fuller for longer.

A find was the Paprika and Pepper soup from Brindisa, one of the best soups I have made. I also made a quick carrot and coriander:

Dry fry and grind a table spoon each of cumin and coriander seed
Sauté some chopped carrot and celery in a spray of oil then add the ground spices. Add some stock and simmer until the carrot is cooked. Blend until smooth.

I used to sauté the carrots in a mixture of butter and olive oil. Debbie bought some spray olive oil which is ok…just. The thing I really noticed was that without the salt from the butter this really does need a fair amount of seasoning.

Weigh in at the end of the week and I had lost another six pounds. Just over a stone now.

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One Response to Week Two – The Chorizo Kid

  1. Sheriff Fatman says:

    Fantastic weightloss! You are gonig to have to pick me up on this oddysey as you fly below my weight!

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