I visited my GP a while ago and as I was sat in the consulting room she looked at my notes and said “We haven’t given you a check up in a while. Hop on the scales.”

She then lectured me for several minutes about my weight. A favourite phrase of hers was “You should say to yourself ‘I am what I eat. I am not rubbish so I won’t eat rubbish.’”

That is the thing though: I don’t eat rubbish. I may occasionally eat some fast food but most days I prepare everything I eat. I enjoy cooking and take pride in the fact that I cook from scratch; I don’t have a spice rack I have a spice cupboard. Most of the meat I eat is high quality from The Ginger Pig, the only things I buy in tins are pulses and I can’t remember ever having eaten a ready meal.

So why, when I finally dragged myself to Slimming World a couple of weeks ago, did the scales say I was a pound light of twenty six stone?

I used to say that it was because I stopped being vegetarian, gave up smoking and changed from manual to clerical work in the space of two years but that was ten years ago and I weigh a lot more now than I did even five years ago.

I think the reason is that I like food and I have never got out of the habit of eating the large portions I could get away with when I was working 12 hours a day in a warehouse.

So this blog is my attempt to document losing weight whilst at the same time staying true to my foodie self.

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