Week Three – Bad Richard

The beginning of the week started well. I walked the three and a half miles to work and back one day, something I intend to do at least twice a week from now on.

Then we hit the weekend. It started with a meeting of some online friends in a pub in Covent Garden. I may have forgotten I am dieting and I may have had a few pints. I may then have been quite drunk because I hadn’t eaten so I might have had a Chinese takeaway when I got home.

Saturday morning we drove up to Manchester to visit relatives. With the exception of a lovely jambalaya my daughter and her partner cooked for us the rest of the weekend was hotel breakfasts and eating out. Although I tried to be good the choice was between steak and chips or something with a creamy sauce so the steak won. And although I might be able to resist making chips I didn’t manage to pass the not-eating-chips-that-are-infront-of-you test.

I would have been happy to just maintain at the weekly weigh in. I was however very happy to lose five pounds. I am a bad Richard because I was far naughtier than Debbie yet I still lost weight.

This week I have been told by my doctor to cut out salt. Hmm, not sure how successful that is going to be.

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3 Responses to Week Three – Bad Richard

  1. Almagill says:

    Stick with it and don’t worry about the odd lapse. You’re obviously doing the right hting if you dropped a few lbs even with a Chinese and beer đŸ™‚

    Also, the salt.. it’s weird at first but you do get used to it and then start noticing how much salt is in processed foods etc. But then you get to have a little salt on something and it tastes brilliant.

  2. Debbie says:

    You seem to have forgotten the steak slice you had at Liverpool Street station! Is that down to selective memory or the the beer?! đŸ˜‰

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