Week Nine – Almost

I seriously thought I was going to put on weight this week. I had written a post in my head about how it was bound to happen eventually. And then I was going to blame the bottomless glasses at the function I went to on Friday. Other than more wine than I should have drunk even if I wasn’t dieting and a dessert at the same do I have been good all week. I was quite chuffed to have lost two pounds and even more to have lost ten percent of my starting body weight.

A friend of mine became a vegetarian-at-home after his wife converted a couple of years ago. One of the unforeseen consequences is that when he goes to a restaurant he will now happily order a chicken dish as, to him, it is not a boring meat any more. To me it still is so, prior to the diet, we only ever had it as an ingredient. Most of the recipes I used it in combine carbohydrates and protein so are no longer eaten.

This week I decided to make a Caesar salad. There are two problems with this. Croutons made with olive oil and bread are naughty as is the dressing which is essentially oil with some stuff thrown in (to the pedants; I know it is stuff with oil thrown in!). I decided to deconstruct it.

Sort of Caesar

First I roasted a bulb of garlic and, once cooked, squeezed four cloves onto some romaine leaves. I gently rubbed these through my fingers with half a tea spoon of Dijon mustard so that each leaf had at least a hint of garlic and mustard. Onto the leaves I then placed a few boiled baby new potatoes (probably better than croutons), parmesan shavings, sliced pan fried chicken, anchovies and, in place of a proper sauce, a poached egg which I split on serving.

The anchovies I had spotted at Brindisa at Borough Market. I nearly baulked at the price but I am so glad I didn’t. I admit that I love anchovies to the extent that when cooking I take a “one for the pan, one for me” approach but these had as much in common with the John West variety as wegyu beef does with Tesco Value mince. Plump, white little mouthfuls of smoky fishiness that were truly delicious. Unfortunately the smokiness didn’t go with the salad which meant that I had to enjoy them on their own.

For the next two weeks I will be on holiday in France trying not to put on all the weight I have lost. Unless we find some free wifi and Debbie lets me borrow her laptop my next post will be in July.

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One Response to Week Nine – Almost

  1. almagill says:

    Enjoy France.

    Remember, loads of foody pics 🙂

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