Week Twelve – No Excuses

I had this week’s post written in my head over the weekend. I was going to write about how difficult it was getting back into the diet after two weeks of eating and drinking what we wanted. I was going to say how having brought back wine from France it was hardly surprising that we had succumbed to temptation and had a few bottles over the weekend.

I was going to write about how sharing a couple of bottles of wine increases the munchies and how finding a family sized bag of crisps that had been lurking since before we started the diet meant that the munchies were somewhat sated.

I was even toying with writing the post on alcohol that I have been formulating almost since I started this blog.

I have been back to my lunches of soups and trying to eat well but it has been hard this last week. Red day meals of meat but no carbohydrates have left me hungry and staring at the contents of the fridge wondering what I could snack on (at the same time as being glad that we hadn’t bought anything that could be snaffled). Risotto on Friday night was satisfying but still felt it was missing some butter to finish it.

I hate to say it but one of the few things that actually stopped me calling time on the diet was this blog and the thought of having to admit I had given up to the handful of people whom I call my readership.

I went to the weigh in today expecting to have gained a pound and then to come home and then write a blog full of excuses. It turns out that in spite of our excesses over the weekend I managed to lose eight pounds and Debbie five!

Next week we are away again. Hopefully at the next weigh in I won’t have taken another two steps back.

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