Week Fifteen – YoYo

I am now, after having a few very nice weeks and weekends, back to where I was several weeks ago having lost six pounds this week.

I only managed to go swimming twice during the week but having soup every day for lunch and making the evening meals as healthy as I can had managed to not only counter the several bottles of wine we shared at the weekend but also undo the previous week’s excesses.

In the dim and distant past when butter was there for the taking and oil was measured in glugs rather than tablespoons we used to regularly have a Sunday roast and use the remains of the meat on a Monday. The best of these was always lamb when I would do extra roast spuds and the next day make a curry with the left overs (hmm, can things that were deliberately made to excess be called left overs?). Of course these days if a bit of lamb were to meet a potato on my plate the result would probably be the same as if you mixed sugar and sodium chlorate.

This week we did make a roast but without the tatties. To make up for this cruel omission we bought some lovely beets, chard and cavallo nero from the market. I wrapped the beets in foil then roasted them and, once cooked, peeled, sliced and sautéed them in a splash of muscat wine vinegar. I stripped the leaves from the stalks of the chard then chopped and simmered them in a little stock. The leaves were wilted with a drop of stock. The cavallo nero was sliced and boiled. And it was all lovely, although not quite lovely enough to make me stop missing the crispy skinned spuds, glistening with hot oil, inviting me to crack them open and expose the fluffy white centre before… oh, excuse me.

There was only a tiny bit of lamb left which meant that this evening I made a (Mostly) Veggie Curry. And because it was (mostly) veggie I could add some Jersey Royals to it.

I would put the recipe here but the trouble is that my curries tend to feature whichever spices fall out of the spice cupboard when I open it. There was some cumin, cardamon, turmeric and fenugreek in there but I can’t remember what else. Luckily my friend Neil has a lovely veggie curry recipe over on his blog so pop over there for it.

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One Response to Week Fifteen – YoYo

  1. Hmmm, I may have to acquire some fenugreek : )

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