Week Seventeen – Not The Sex Post

When I first thought about writing this blog I had in mind two posts that I would be able to write. One was about alcohol and the second was about the challenges that sex poses to the average FatFoodie. This week I have been reading an amazingly well written blog that tells the story of one couple’s efforts to reignite their sex life. The humour, candour and pathos of it inspired me to write the sex post.

Over an incredibly uninspiring meal at a local hotel (I am unlucky enough to live in an area that has no decent restaurants whilst having central London just out of range for a spur of the moment meal out) I discussed the outline of the post with Debbie. She pointed out that my mum, children and friends read this blog.

“That’s OK,” I said, “I’ll warn them not to read it.”
“Yes, but then you won’t have any readers.”

So, until I have enough readers so that I won’t miss my family reading it, I shall write about something different.

We had another iffy week. Eating healthy meals and swimming was almost negated by drinking on Friday and Saturday nights. I did manage to lose two pounds but until I stood on the scales I was convinced that I had put on.

On Saturday I made a rather decent salad:

Mackerel with Orange Salad (serves 2)
mackerel with orange salad
2 Mackerel fillets
2 Large oranges, segmented. Squeeze the peel and pith to get as much juice as possible
1 small red onion, very thinly sliced
2 tbls olive oil
100g Alfalfa sprouts
100g bag of Rocket and Chard Salad

Put the onions into the orange juice to let it “cook” as a kind of pickle or ceviche. Once the harshness of the onion has been lessened strain and discard most of the juice. Use a little of the olive oil to fry the mackerel and use the rest to make a dressing with the remaining orange juice.

Toss the oranges, onions, sprouts and leaves with the dressing and serve with the fish

Over the weekend we watched Julie and Julia (it may be a chickflick but it features food and blogging so what is not to like). One line in it inspired me to braise some cucumber. As I have said before I will eat nearly anything (except for cherries which are the stoned fruit of the devil) but, while I don’t actively dislike it, I have always thought of cucumber as a bit of a waste of time, especially as it has a tendency to repeat on me. Braised cucumber is everything that raw cucumber isn’t: flavoursome with a lovely texture and, so far, it has not come back to haunt me.

Update: fifteen minutes later the cucumber is repeating on me. Still it was far nicer than the raw stuff.
Update: photo credit to Debbie

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2 Responses to Week Seventeen – Not The Sex Post

  1. Neil says:

    Good pic.

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