Week Twenty Three – A Rod for My Own Back

Since I started this blog I have become more of a foodie. This has coincided with my addiction to Twitter where I follow various foodies who have far better blogs than me. It is a form of mild torture because I read about lots of things that have me salivating which I realise that I should not really eat if I want to avoid becoming like the priest at the end of Chocolat and regain all the weight I have lost.

This week I read on the Guardian Word Of Mouth blog about the perfect Thai Green Curry. The combination of coconut cream and rice make this a bit of a no-no but reading the recipe I could taste it. I have some chicken in the freezer and next week I am cooking it. I keep telling myself that you need little treats to help the diet more palatable but to be honest the proportion of treats to diet seems to be sliding in the direction of treats.

One of the other things I have missed is what we call Spanish Chicken (chicken pieces oven cooked in rice with chorizo, olives, sundried tomatoes, paprika, cayenne and white wine). I was given the recipe years ago and have only recently been told that it may originally have come from Delia Smith. In reality with its long grain rice and turmeric it is probably as Spanish as cricket but it is what it has been called in our house for the last ten years. Of course mixing proteins and carbohydrates is not the done thing on the diet so we have not had it for the last twenty or so weeks.

The ladies at the Flavours Of Spain stall at Borough Market always manage to get me to buy one more thing than I intended to. They do this not by giving my the hard sell but by asking whether I have tried this or that product and, when I say no, describing it with irrepressible enthusiasm along with a serving suggestion. This week they suggested onion chorizo used as a stuffing for a chicken. It sounded so good that we went and bought a chicken to stuff.

As I was preparing it I realised that I was not far from a diet friendlier version of Spanish Chicken.

1 Chicken
1 pack Onion Chorizo (or cooking chorizo) removed from the casing
1/2 Pack slow roasted tomatoes
Large handful of Black Olives
4 Cloves Garlic (I prefer them whole so you get a little surprise but you may prefer to chop them)
Large pinch Salt
1 tbl Smoked Spanish Paprika
Large Glass white wine

Mix the chorizo, tomatoes olives and garlic together with your hands and the stuff into the chicken cavity. Your hands with now be covered with red oil from the chorizo so rub them on the chicken skin until it too is tinged red. Sprinkle the skin with the salt and paprika and rub that in too. Place on a tray in the oven at 180° (gas mark 4) for as long as you should roast your chicken for (45 to 55 minutes per kg plus 20 mins). About half way through remove from the oven and pour over the wine then continue roasting.

Serve with some nice healthy veg and no roast potatoes. Nope, not one. Maybe a boiled one then, but only a small one.

As there are only two of us the rest of the chicken and stuffing was turned into Spanish Chicken soup with the addition of some onion, chicken and a little rice to thicken it.

Despite the roast (and, more pertinently, the alcohol we drank over the weekend) we both managed to lose two pounds this week.

Will we manage anything next week as we are due to eat out on two nights and of course there will be a Thai Green Curry at some point?

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2 Responses to Week Twenty Three – A Rod for My Own Back

  1. Amy says:

    I can relate. Looking at food porn all day doesn’t do a body good. But sometimes for me the process of cooking relieves a lot of my energy to just eat. Congrats on losing a couple of pounds!

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