Week Twenty Four – Blame it on the Booze

This week I gained the two pounds back that I lost last week.

As we get into Autumn both Debbie and I have been fighting the urge for comfort food. Rather like Ben Gunn dreaming of cheese we have been dreaming of mountains of mashed potatoes. We have been fairly good however; except for two meals out we have stuck to the diet more or less.

The trouble is we have started drinking again.

I have an ambivalent relationship with alcohol. It killed my dad (or rather it is what he killed himself with over several years) and I have always been aware that alcoholism can be genetic. So I have rules: no drinking on “school nights” and no drinking alone. But I do enjoy a drink on Friday and Saturday nights.

As I was walking back from the weigh in I was thinking that I don’t really drink a lot. A couple of bottles of wine at the weekend, maybe. Then I worked out what we had drunk over the weekend: On Friday we went into town for a late birthday celebration. Some friends had given us a voucher for Imli and my mum had given us tickets for The Comedy Store. I had two beers at Imli then we shared a bottle of wine. At The Comedy Store I had a gin and tonic and then we shared two more bottles of prosecco. According to Drink Aware that is eighteen units of alcohol and about fifteen hundred calories.

We spent Saturday with friends. We went out for lunch and then I cooked a chilli in the evening. I had a pint of Guinness and three of us shared a bottle of wine at lunch and between the three of us we polished off another four bottles of red in the evening. I think I had the lions share though so I reckon that there was another one thousand five hundred calories and twenty six units. When I write down what I have had it seems scary. I feel like a binge drinking Daily Mail headline.

It is easy to see where the two pounds came from. If I had not drunk in previous weeks where I actually lost it is possible I could have lost another stone by now.

This week Debbie is out on Friday night so I will be dry. Saturday we are out (again!) but there will be limited opportunity for booze so it will be interesting to see how much I lose when I don’t drink.

No recipe this week. I haven’t made anything new of my own this week. I did make Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Lettuce Risotto this evening and it was lovely.

This weekend, assuming the butcher has some, I shall be cooking liver and bacon and trying to bring my normal recipe into line with the diet. Should be interesting…

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One Response to Week Twenty Four – Blame it on the Booze

  1. Will says:

    Nothing wrong with a tipple, gives you reason to get your thyrsus out of the cupboard.
    Good post!


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