Week Twenty Seven – Maintaining

We have been indulging ourselves this week. Actually we have been doing it quite a lot recently. I am not sure whether it is just that we have arranged several outings in a row by accident or whether Debbie’s impending redundancy encouraged us to go out and enjoy ourselves while we could still afford to but we have somehow managed to find ourselves in London at least once every weekend since the end of August. This does mean that any good we are doing during the week by dieting is undone at the weekend by drinking and, er, not dieting. The weight losses of the early weeks of the diet have been replaced by a pound here and there (and the occasional gain).

This week we both stayed the same (or maintained as dieters apparently call it). Rather than being upset I am rather pleased as it shows that, once we reach target weight, we might stand a chance in keeping the fat off and having a decent lifestyle.

Maybe I should go into politics with the amount of spin I put on things.

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