Week Thirty – Manners

When she was about fourteen my youngest daughter developed a kind of eating disorder. Unless she was eating she couldn’t bear to be in the same room as someone who was. Eventually, through a course of cognitive behavioural therapy, she conquered this. I, on the other hand, became so sensitive to anyone eating that even now nearly ten years later I get very wound up by other people’s eating habits. It has boiled down to a matter of manners. Smacking of lips, talking with the mouth full, slurping are all guaranteed to induce a tiny ball of rage in my stomach.

Recently there was a story doing the rounds on Twitter about a restaurant in North Carolina which was banning noisy children. There was an outcry against it but being in possession of three adult children and as yet no grandchildren (any of my offspring reading this please DO NOT take it as a hint) I do not have a problem with it.

When they were little the only restaurant we could afford to take my children to belonged to my ex-wife’s father. We were always very aware that we were lucky to be eating there and so, no matter what other children might be doing, mine were not allowed to run around or shout. Unhappily not everyone controlled their kids and I remember being told of one customer who decked someone who dared to suggest that maybe letting their kids sit outside the toilets swearing at patrons wasn’t on.

There does seem to be an attitude amongst some restaurant goers that they can abrogate their parental responsibilities and let their children be looked after by the waiting staff or run wild whilst they enjoy their meals.

It comes down to manners again I suppose: it is good manners to not spoil others enjoyment by failing to control children. I have seen a sign that warns that “unattended children will be sold as slaves” however this is a far better threat:

A few weeks ago Debbie suggested an abomination: a sausage Tortilla. It is a tasty abomination however. This essentially like the sausage and egg pie my mum used to make without the pastry.

Sausage Tortilla
4 Sausages
1 Onion, Sliced
4 Eggs
1 tsp Olive Oil

In a small frying pan gently sweat the onions until soft but not quite coloured. While they are cooking grill the sausages then chop/slice these and add to the onions. Beat and season the egg then tip into the pan. When the bottom is set put the pan under the grill until it is cooked. Cut into wedges and serve.

Not such a good week on the diet:one too many take-aways and meals out meant that I gained a pound. We have a nearly empty week ahead so hopefully we can get back into the swing of the diet this upcoming week.

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