Week Thirty Two – Portion Control

When I was in my mid teens I would often cook for myself. Usually the same dish: sosmix, baked beans and mashed potato. I would use a 500g bag of soxmix which would hydrate to about 850g, a bag of potatoes and a tin of baked beans. I would guess there was at least two kilos of food in the bowl (I had to use a mixing bowl because there was too much to fit on a plate). At the time I also played rugby and other sports and I was skinnier than I would want to be now.

In the mid nineties I was working in a warehouse. I had a large portion of chips with curry sauce for lunch and then would eat another large meal in the evening. All the walking and lifting meant that I was probably fitter then than at any time since I left school.

One of the reasons that I put on so much weight is that after I started working in an office I didn’t cut down on the amount I eat. Of course the lack of exercise and the amount of butter I used in cooking didn’t help but huge portions have always been a part of my diet.

This week there was a tube strike so I had to collect Debbie from a different train station after work. It meant that we didn’t get home until gone six and I have an issue with starting to cook so late (yes I know many people eat around nine pm but I never feel like cooking if I don’t start before six). After we had been out to the weigh in (I seemed to have gained a pound which is probably down to rediscovering a liking for JD and coke when visiting family over the weekend) we decided to nip into a local tandoori restaurant. We were both cold and hungry so we may have ordered a bit too much but the unusual thing was that I actually left food. The food was adequate but I had this weird feeling in my stomach which I suddenly realised was called being full.

Yesterday my brother-in-law popped in for dinner. I had made a simple mushroom risotto but I only added as much rice as I would normally use for two. I dished up and was surprised to discover that what to most people would be a normal sized portion was actually enough.

Maybe after thirty two weeks of dieting my stomach is finally shrinking.

The next week will be hard to diet in. We have managed to arrange things so that we are out most evenings so although the portions will be smaller the contents of the dishes will be out of my control. I am hoping to maintain…

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