Week Thirty Four – Hiatus

As the number of weeks I have been writing this has increased so the number of things I can think of to write about seem to decrease. I feel that this blog is integral to my dieting and I think it is important that I write it once a week as a record of how it is going but some weeks I have struggled to think of something to write about. It is the same with recipes: I only want to put recipes on here that I have devised or that I have adapted and so I sometimes I have been unable to come with anything. This week I actually had a subject planned but with Christmas fast approaching I have found that with the number of things that still need to be made or finished for our hampers I have had no time to write anything.

So this is a quick post to explain why there will be no post this week.

Oh, at the weigh-in I lost half a pound which hardly counts and is a long way from the five pound target I gave myself last week.

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