Week Forty – Reboot

Christmas is a hard time for dieters. Debbie and I decided we would suspend the diet over the festive period partly because we felt like treating ourselves but also because we didn’t want to be awkward to cater for as we trotted around the country visiting friends and relatives. What we hadn’t counted on was that by not dieting we would realise what we were missing. Both of us this last week have found temptation hard to resist and following the diet harder.

I think also that a kind of fatigue as set in. We have been doing this for quite some while and, over time, strict adherence to the diet has been diluted to the stage where now, apart from still not using any butter in cooking, we aren’t really dieting at all. Okay we both make an effort to diet at lunch time but that can no more be classed as dieting than someone who doesn’t eat meat on Mondays can be called a vegetarian.

Whilst getting changed for swimming recently I caught a reflection of myself naked. It was not a pretty sight. There is no doubt that I still need to be on a diet. Therefore I am going to go back to basics and start the diet again doing red and green and orange days properly. As we move towards Spring hopefully it will be easier.

Having made the decision to restart the diet, this weekend we decided to have a blowout. In spite of this I still managed to lose three and a half pounds. I just hope the effects of a bad weekend aren’t delayed for a week.

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5 Responses to Week Forty – Reboot

  1. Rolling Film Reviews says:

    Hitchcock hasn’t got shit on your ability for suspense….I don’t think I have hovered over a link on a website for that long since the time of 2 Girls 1 Cup and other such weirdnesses.
    Good post. Hope the reboot starts off well!

  2. NickyB says:

    I sort of sense a bit of disillusionment creeping in, which is often the case in a “long-haul” diet. I hope you can stick with it, I’d really love you to feel the sense of achievement at the end 🙂

  3. NickyB says:

    I completely understand, believe me. I lost all my weight over 8 years ago. It was the cold weather diet that was the toughest, I compensated by having lots of chilli and curry spice heat (that was when I found my enduring love for Thai food), but I know that doesn’t suit everyone. Also naturally creamy stuff like porridge and short grain rice (risottos, rice puddings etc). I’ve been following your progress for a long while without commenting, but I just wanted you to know how great it is when the weight is off and hopefully (somehow over the internetz) send you an extra boost of willpower!

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