Week Forty One – Oops

I was talking to my daughter about having no ideas for this week’s post. “Why not talk about the excuses dieters use?”

I know all about excuses. The blog post I was going to write was going to start “I should not have decided to reboot the diet just after we had done the food shopping for two weeks and whilst we had guests staying with us” but then I realised that, whilst not quite of the “the dog ate my diet book” variety it was still just an excuse for putting on half a pound this week.

And I have no excuse. My son was staying with us and I decided to cook the food he likes and had been missing since he moved out. I could have made something different for Debbie and myself but I couldn’t be bothered. We had some lovely food but things like slow cooked pork belly probably are not high on the list of diet friendly foods.

At the weekend, after the Boy had gone home, Debbie’s mum and dad visited. I decided on Saturday to play with my molecular gastronomy set that I was given for Christmas Debbie bought me after I sulked when Santa missed it off my list.

I had a little bit of coffee liqueur left so I created coffee caviar by dissolving into it two grams of sodium alginate (you actually need to dissolve it soft water first then mix that with the alcohol) then dropping into a solution of calcium salt. I made a coffee cream by mixing a shot of espresso with some sugar and cream. If you don’t have the right toy equipment you can use a whisk to whip it. The coffee spheres are quite resilient and will not break when stirred through the cream. Of course when you eat this you have to forget you are on a diet.

As I have said before, it is good to know that when I reach my target weight I will still be able to have blowout weeks without really putting on weight.

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