Week Forty Four – Damn You, Twitter

Debbie thinks that the diet would be a lot easier if chocolate have never been brought back from the New World by the Spanish. I think it would be a lot easier if I had never discovered Twitter.

Most people I know IRL have not really taken to Twitter and seem to regard it as somewhere where people announce every mundane thing they do. I guess it is down to whom you choose to follow. Twitter is, at its best, a wonderful source of information.

It was through Twitter that I discovered Bray’s Cottage and their wonderful pies. It was through Twitter that I heard about Polpetto and rediscovered meatballs. Twitter made me go to Bob Bob Ricard where I fell in love with a Rhubarb Gin and Tonic and Debbie fell in love with a button. Twitter told me to go Rachel McCormack’s outstanding cookery class. When it came to finding a restaurant to take the Mothers to it was Twitter that came up with Les Deux Salons. Do you sense a theme developing?

Since January there had been a buzz on Twitter about #Meateasy and this week I finally managed to go. I went with my brother-in-law because Debbie was too scared to go to New Cross after dark ever. It was quite simply the best burger I have eaten. I would write a review but other, far better bloggers, have already filled the internet with reviews. At the weekend I was visiting my mum and mentioned going to New Cross just for a burger and how one blogger wrote a review of #Meateasy which turned into a defence of New Cross.

“New Cross?” said my mum, “That’s where you come from.”
My mum is getting confused in her old age. I am Suffolk born and bred. I pointed this out to her.
“We moved to Suffolk when I was eight months pregnant. Before that we lived in New Cross. You were conceived there.”
This was my “No Luke, I am your father” moment.
I may have howled “Nooooooo!” but to be honest I couldn’t hear myself above the noise of Debbie sniggering.

We didn’t go the the weigh in this week as neither of us were well on Monday but if we had I fully expected to have gained weight. And it would have all been Twitter’s fault.

Oh, my mum offered me a consolation about New Cross; “It could be worse, your brother was born in Hackney.”

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2 Responses to Week Forty Four – Damn You, Twitter

  1. meemalee says:

    Cheek. To be fair, my post was intended to be a defence of New Cross 🙂

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