Week Forty Six – Different Names for the Same Thing

A few weeks ago at the butcher’s I noticed a new cut of beef labelled “Picanha Roast”. I had thought I was aware of most cuts of beef but this one was new to me. If I was a Brazilian I would have known it instantly but it took the butcher to tell me that it is Cut Formerly Known As Point End Of Rump.

He told me that it was a wonderful, tasty cut and it was a pity that is wasn’t more popular. He was quite right. The pointy end of the rump where steaks cut would be too small is about one kilo in weight. It roasts to a lovely rare in about an hour plus resting. For a family you would get enough for a decent Sunday dinner but for two people there is enough for a roast and then a left over dish.

And the great thing about a lump of left over beef is there is so many things you can do with it. I toyed with the idea of a hotpot or cottage pie but the fact that we also had some left over roast spud meant just one thing: Massaman

There several different spelling of Massaman. And for each spelling there are hundreds of recipes all claiming to be authentic. I don’t claim this recipe is authentic but it is a little more diet friendly than most some.

Massaman Curry.
500g Meat (I used left over beef but you can use most types. If you want to slow cook this a beef cheek will do nicely)
250g Cooked potatoes
2 Onions
4 Cloves Garlic
2.5cm Ginger
1tbl Nam Pla
1tsp Shrimp Paste
1tbl Palm Sugar (or light muscovado)
1tbl Frozen Kaffir Lime Leafs
1tsp Cumin, Ground
1tsp Corriander Seeds, Ground
4 Peppercorns, Ground
Chilli to taste (but don’t be too cowardly!), Ground
4 Cardamon Pods, Ground
2tsp Tamarind Concentrate
165g Coconut Milk

To Finish:
50g Roasted Peanuts, Crushed

Slice one of the onions and fry gently in a little oil. Cube the meat and add to the onions along with the potatoes.

Add all the remaining ingredients except peanuts to a blender and whizz using a little water to loosen it if necessary. Add to the pan. Cook until the beef is soft. When serving sprinkle the peanuts over it. Serve with a little rice if desired.

Despite feeding my cold and having been out for meals a few times I was quite surprised to lose two and a half pounds at this week’s weigh in.

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5 Responses to Week Forty Six – Different Names for the Same Thing

  1. Rolling Film Reviews says:

    Excellent post.
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well.
    What is the overall progress on the diet?

  2. This looks nice. What would you suggest as an alternative for those who would suffer agonies at the hands pointy claws of the shrimp?

    • youfatfoodie says:

      Lots of Rennie on hand?

      Shrimp paste is one of those things that seem to give Thai food its taste but I have seen veggie recipes that replace the Nam Pla and shrimp paste with soy sauce.

      This is basically a Thai Brown Curry so I would replace the shrimp with the same thing you replace it with in your TGC

  3. NickyB says:

    2.5lbs is a nice result. Lovely curry recipe – I’ll try it, thanks 🙂

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