Week Forty Eight – Wobble

We have found it harder and harder to stick to the diet recently. My brother in law popped in for dinner recently and told me that my portion sizes are creeping up again (if this is the case why am I always hungry?). I am still not cooking with butter but I might be using a little more olive oil than is recommended by the diet.

The main problem seems to be dining out. A weekend in Manchester for my son’s twenty first birthday meant we ate three meals out. Followed by a take away when we got home and couldn’t be bothered to cook.

Then we had to go to Spuntino after it opened this week. Again better bloggers have reviewed this little restaurant. I can add nothing to what has already been said except to say that it was well worth queuing for an hour (technically an hour and a half as when we first got there we were told the queue was closed for half an hour so we retreated to the pub on the corner of the block). Actually there is something I should say: go there.

If I were say one negative thing about it would be that, even more so that its siblings Polpo and Polpetto, it isn’t the sort of place to go to in a group as, aside from a table in the corner, you sit and eat at the bar. Conversation wouldn’t be that easy amongst four people sat side by side. For two people it would be a wonderful place for a date and it felt exactly like that when Debbie and I went. There is even a kissing stool although as you can’t book you might not get it. I have always thought that you should not go on a date to the cinema as you won’t be talking during the film (unless you are complete and utter bastards) so maybe going to Spuntino isn’t a good idea either. It is hard to talk whilst salivating over the food and I am led to understand that making sex noises whilst eating is not acceptable behaviour for a date. At least not a first one.

So this week my resolve has wobbled as much as my belly. Hopefully I can get back on track in the next week and make up for the three pound I have put on in the last fortnight.

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2 Responses to Week Forty Eight – Wobble

  1. NickyB says:

    It’s true: it’s a conscious effort to control portions at home and what you eat when you eat out. The more you eat out, the more likely you are to eat in volume, unless you are determined that won’t be the case and so actively manage what you eat. Ultimately, weight loss and sustaining that loss is tough because it’s all about self-management – and the modern world is designed to sell us lots of lovely lovely stuff to eat that is hopelessly tempting. You are probably hungry because 1) your balance of food is wrong (protein:carb:fat ratios) and because 2) by eating more you are gradually increasing your capacity to eat more so larger portion sizes are becoming “the norm” for your stomach again, as well as because importantly 3) psychologically, you have reached that most difficult part in your diet where there is no more novelty in weight loss and you really want to pack it all in and eat what you like. And you can’t even blame the winter weather any more, as the sunshine belting in through my window will testify! You are at a typical dieter’s crossroads. Ultimately you have to regather the willpower that’s driven you so far or in all likelihood end up back where you started. Anyone who has dieted and kept weight off knows exactly what you are going through, because that’s how they manage their lives – handling these issues are part of the day to day round of living. I sympathise and empathise with you.

    • youfatfoodie says:

      Thanks for your comment Nicky

      I think you are right, the more I eat the more I want to eat. And the novelty has definitely gone now I have been doing this for nearly a year.

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